Vacuum Loading & Waste Recovery Services

From hazardous material recovery to industrial waste suction, PCM Group is your trusted partner for sustainable and reliable solutions.

To complement hydro blasting operations and provide safe, cost effective and efficient industrial cleaning solutions that are passed onto our customers, PCM Group operates the latest technology in vacuum loading equipment.

The King Vac 11000 vacuum truck provides safe, fast, and efficient removal of a variety of waste mediums both wet and dry.

The truck can handle up to 10,000 liters of waste at a single time whilst maintaining continuous suction of approximately 27” HG at 6500 cubic feet per minute.

Waste materials can also be extracted from a depth of 200 meters.

PCM Group can provide service packages incorporating ultra-high water pressure blasting to effectively clean large industrial sites and structures ensuring that all waste water and slurry are removed using vacuum loading techniques allowing for a safe and professional finish.

Additional vacuum loading applications include: Tanks/ Emergency Response/Storm Water/ Sumps & Bunds/ Pits & Culverts/Sludge’s, Slurries & Solids/Waste Ponds/Vessels & Shipping/Maintenance Shut Downs/Cooling Towers/Site Clean Ups/ Hydro Excavation

Our vacuum loading operators are fully trained in vacuum operations including environmental sustainability, emergency procedures including spill response and waste handling.

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