At PCM, we prioritize the well-being of our employees, the protection of the environment, and the delivery of high-quality services to our clients.

At the forefront of everything we do at PCM Group we ensure the safety of our people, your people and the protection of the environment. Our industry safety record over the last 10 years confirms our commitment to the safety of our people with significantly lower incident rates than the industry standard.

The company’s Safety Management System provides the framework that underpins our objective to focus on leading indicators, assisting us to align company values with personal values to continually improve in all aspects of HSEQ. Improving culture, service, client relations and preventing and or minimising injuries or non-conformance.

PCM Group is committed to reducing emissions and promoting the creation of environmentally sustainable solutions for Australian Industry.

Our safety policy, management plans and willingness to succeed as a team ensure that we identify, control and eliminate where possible, all safety and health risks. PCM Group Safety Management System has been developed to meet the requirements of industry accepted ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 with the latest technology and online management systems providing efficient and compliant control measures.


We are committed to achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance by controlling the impacts of our activities and have developed our environmental management system to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 to support our commitment. Our projects are managed through safe and effective innovative approaches to reducing our environmental footprint. PCM Group continues to implement, monitor, review and report environmental performance through our developing environmental management systems. We aim to be industry leaders in this field and are always striving to find new ways of protecting and guarding the environment for the future.

Our safety management system provides the framework that underpins our objective, to focus on leading indicators, assisting us to continually align these value behaviours in all aspects of HSEQ.


Training our employees to have a clear understanding of and adhering to rules, specifications and regulations.


Respect for different cultures, our people, work colleagues, our clients, the environment and our own work, along with client property.


Honesty, consistency and accuracy in our words, work and actions.


Visible leadership demonstrating our value behaviours and leading by example.


Participation in meetings, client and in-house pre-starts, process changes and planning is vital to ensure effective lines of communication.

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