Thermal Spray

Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) is a durable, cost effective coating, capable of providing corrosion protection, delivering extended lifespan to a huge range of industrial and infrastructure applications. TSA coatings are often applied in heavy industrial, marine, pipeline and offshore infrastructure applications, especially where infrastructure is exposed to corrosive environments.

TSA involves heating a source material, traditionally powder or wire, and firing it against a target substrate. The resulting spray forms on the substrate and builds up to form a smooth, uniform coating.

TSA commonly uses wire arc spraying or flame spraying; both using aluminum wire as the source material, which is heated and then sprayed across a surface, either by compressed air or inert gas. Wire arc spraying uses an electric arc to melt the aluminum, while combustion wire spraying uses an oxy-fuel flame. .

Because of its simplicity, versatility and cost-effective outcomes, TSA is often used in coating large metal tanks, and other large metal structural components, pipework, bridges and ship decks, so is a suitable option in preventing corrosion across multiple industry sectors.

PCM Group has trained TSA applicators, successfully executed projects for major clients across WA.

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