Specialised Wrapping Systems

Discover how our Polyurea Coating Systems can elevate the performance and longevity of your surfaces.

PCM Group is a leading provider of wrapping systems (Denso, FRP Pile Jacket Wrapping, and more), Stopaq application services, rubber lining, ceramics, and associated linings and painting services.

The typical application of our products and services is implemented in the lining and coating of piping, mining, and process with our experienced sheet metal trades.

PCM Group use only the most advanced equipment, with our recent purchase of our Graco Reactor EXP2 Elite foam spray unit.

The result of these productive and dynamic international partnerships is that PCM Group offers its clients the resources of worldwide thermal insulation industry leaders combined with an intimate knowledge of the local working environment.

PCM Group’s Inspection team are trained CINI Inspectors.

“As part of PCM Group’s team, we have an extensive group of experienced Quality Assurance Inspectors qualified in all aspects of coatings, wrapping and lining systems. Our QA teams consist of NACE qualified inspectors holding NACE1 - NACE3.”

PCM Group is also a leading provider of approved applicators of Stopaq.

STOPAQ Wrapping Band products are corrosion preventative wrap materials, which adhere extremely well to steel and factory or f ield applied pipeline coatings.

They are nontoxic, cold-applied, prefabricated wrap coatings based on the pure homopolymer, Polyisobutene, a low viscosity, noncrystalline, non-crosslinked (fully amorphous) compound.

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