Nystar Hobart

PCM Group successfully completed its first significant project scope with Nyrstar at its zinc refinery in Hobart, Tasmania. The project scope saw PCM Group deliver high pressure cleaning, specialist tiling and membrane works to the new gas cooling tower area on completion of initial civil works.

The PCM Group team pressure washed the existing bund, whip blasting concrete to obtain a surface profile. The corroded pedestals were remediated using Nitomortar 903, before completion of the bund coatings and application of Nitoseal SC600 urethane to all control joints. Acid resistant tiles were then laid to the main ramp, sump and heat exchanger recesses and sealed with Nitoflor N.

A fantastic end product completed within the allocated timeframe.

By delivering a flawless finish on time, within budget, and without compromising on safety or environmental standards, we have reinforced our position as leaders in the field. This project serves as an inspiring example of how attention to detail and a commitment to excellence can transform essential infrastructure, ensuring its continued reliability and functionality for years to come.