CBH Albany

PCM Group embarked on a long term project with CBH Group (Albany) in 2023. The scope consists of erecting specialised Layher Allround access systems, and coatings remediation to the underside galleries at the Albany Grain Terminal.

PCM Group, successfully completed a critical modular crane lift of two complete scaffold bridges, installing them to 2 x 35 metre scaffold towers. Each bridge spanned a total of 25 metres.

There are obvious risks associated with conducting such a high-risk activity, not to mention the challenging weather conditions our team are experiencing in Albany. The team executed this activity through thorough planning, identifying all risks associated with the lift, and implementing the controls to ensure the lift was conducted safely and without incident.

Once the scaffold was erected the coatings team took over removing the existing coating via abrasive blasting, incorporating the BlastOne snake bit nozzle, followed by the application of anti-corrosive specialist Humidur product

PCM Group’s success in Albany shows how teamwork, innovation, and dedication can overcome even the toughest challenges. Our hard work sets a high standard for safety and quality in industrial projects.