Polyurea Coating Systems

Discover how our Polyurea Coating Systems can elevate the performance and longevity of your surfaces.

Polyurea Coatings Systems provide state of the art protection against a wide range of liquid wastes including chemical resistance providing high build characteristics.

Polyurea linings offer excellent adhesion, flexibility that provides resistance to tearing, punctures and breakdown offering suitable options for primary and secondary containment requirements.

PCM Group specialises in the application of polyurea linings and have had extensive experience over the last 10 years with the application of linings for water tanks, bunds and pipelines.

PCM operates a number of application machines ranging from EXP2 – EXP2 Elite self contained units.

Additional benefits of using polyurethane coatings include increased asset life expectancy, high impact resistance, fast application, excellent adhesion characteristics and unlimited build in one application.

PCM Group have delivered quality Polyurea coating programs across a range of applications including tanks (potable and non- potable), reservoirs, bunding, sewerage and water treatment plants, sewer access chambers, manholes and pipelines.

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